Since 2001, Prospect Shippers has been providing the best logistic services in America, Australia, Antarctica, Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania, etc, to the biggest players in the air cargo industry – like Atlas Air and Emirates SkyCargo. With the smartest, savviest, and shrewdest team in the business, Prospect Shippers makes sales, cargo services, operations, handling, and accounting easy and reliable for airlines working in America and another part of the world.

Prospect Shippers know the people, the policies, and the tricks of the trade in every local market. A global service combined with local knowledge is the key to profitable operations throughout the continent. We benefit from being part of the Prospect Shippers Group, a network of coordinated cargo and freight specialists with offices and representatives worldwide.

Prospect Shippers’ headquarters is an easy point of contact for airlines coming from all over the world, and a convenient hub for information. Our Ecuador and Colombia offices closely supervise the action on the ground throughout Latin America and have decades of experience handling drugs, firearms, and pets that make up a significant portion of the market. Specialty skills, like certifications for reception and dispatch of aircraft, experience managing airport, and cargo security, and an international team of customs specialists who ensure airline operations on the ground are efficient.

Prospect Shippers expertly provides a wide range of shipping and logistics management services/solutions. Benefit from our extensive global freight forwarding experience and insider knowledge of all major industry supply chains. By partnering with us you will gain access to our full range of personalized services, years of expertise, and unparalleled attention to detail. Choose our team of highly qualified freight service specialists to customize logistics solutions to suit your most demanding shipping needs across the globe.

As a trusted global freight forwarding company, we organize and optimize a comprehensive plan to move your cargo from point of origin to the final destination smoothly and efficiently. Our experienced and friendly staff points out every opportunity to simplify the shipping process, cut transfer times, and move paperwork with maximum efficiency.



Air Freight

Air freight solutions are the first choice when you have time-sensitive cargo. Trusting the specialists at Prime Logistics, getting your shipment to any corner of the world is fast and within reach. With access to our global network, whether it is temperature-sensitive products, fresh plants, or aerospace parts, air freight is the best and at times often the only option to ship. At Prospect Shippers we expedite your goods at every step along the air freight supply chain to ensure your cargo arrives safely and on time. Whether it is meeting capacity on a freighter, booking a charter, or securing space at the last minute for your shipment in the belly of a commercial airliner, trust Prospect Shippers to provide first-rate air freight solutions when you need them most.

Ocean Freight Management

Historically, ocean freight is one of the world’s first and most efficient modes of shipping cargo. When you are looking to move mass quantities of products internationally that are not time critical, ocean freight management services are among the safest and most dependable means of transport. Prospect Shippers offers elite sea freight management and ocean logistics services, finding the perfect route and price points to fit your company’s most demanding needs.

Ground Freight Services

Count on Prospect Shippers for first-rate ground freight services. With over 30 years of freight forwarding experience, we provide top-line cargo transport solutions. Through customized services with a strict delivery schedule, we are able to meet your specific ground cargo needs for every shipment. Offering door-to-door service through a vast network of carriers around the globe, our truck logistics management team has years of experience working with customers through the entire shipping process, keeping everything running in a timely and efficient manner.

Project Logistics

No matter your industry, destination, or the unique challenges you may face, Prospect Shippers are experts in the large-scale, heavy-duty transport and logistics management of equipment essential for your business’s next venture. We provide ideal, cost-effective solutions uniquely tailored to our client’s needs. We have the capability to provide expert end-to-end air, ground, and ocean freight solutions, using the vast informational, financial, and quality systems and processes we have in place to effectively administer each project. Partnering with Prospect Shippers to manage your entire logistics program will ensure your equipment moves smoothly and error-free across your industry’s supply chain. By land, sea, or air, our project logistics experts are your eyes and ears in the field, providing efficient passage of all the goods we are entrusted to handle.