Cargo Insurance

Supply chain management involves plenty of risks, and the smallest oversight can be detrimental to business operations and can cause a huge drawback in the arrival of goods and products. From source to destination, these risks can damage cargo at any point prior to arrival. At our global freight forwarding company, we offer premium cargo insurance coverage on your shipments to ensure that our clients are compensated for loss or damage to their goods. 

Prospect Shippers provides comprehensive cargo insurance at risk of theft, natural disasters, or accidents. Our value-added services provide commercial cargo insurance that covers most cargo shipments so that our clients can rest assured knowing they are protected in the case of an accident.

Commercial Cargo Insurance

When you ship your products with our freight coordinators, we offer world-class logistics and insurance solutions from departure to arrival. Optimizing your shipping in a safe and efficient manner we offer container insurance for a wide range of cargo. 

Prospect Shippers prides itself on ensuring your containers are protected throughout the entire supply chain process with cargo insurance coverage for ocean, air, and truck shipping solutions. Providing commercial cargo coverage for the following risks: 

  • General Average (GA) 
  • War and strike risks 
  • To and from countries that are unsanctioned 
  • Container damage 
  • Loss or damage during the entire transportation of product cargo 

How Much Is Cargo Insurance?

The cost of cargo insurance can vary depending on the commodity being transported. It is important to note that there are three important factors to consider when it comes to calculating how much your cargo insurance coverage will cost. Our freight forwarding specialist will help you determine the type of coverage your shipments require depending on: 

  • The type of cargo being transported
  • The overall limit of your cargo policy
  • Factoring in previous loss history

Getting cargo insurance for your products and goods will also depend on what the policy covers. Our specialist will work with you to ensure that you make the right decision in covering your cargo risk exposures from departure to final destination. 

Wherever you are shipping from or shipping to, let Prospect Shippers be the bridge between your A and B. Our reliable supply chain management services cover the land, air, and ocean freight forwarding. Contact us today to learn about our value-added services on your shipments, and be sure to ask about our premium commercial cargo insurance coverage.